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university selectionIn United Kingdom alone there are over 350 Colleges and Universities approved for degree awarding and countless colleges which are learning centers for these universities and colleges. It is definitely not a desire of student to get confused but definitely when a student sees this many choices he/she feels lost. Choosing a right university is critical; one wrong move not only costs you financially but also professionally. If a student has an average career path and he apply to universities like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc. he will most certainly be refused. Not only the student wasted considerable money in terms of application processing fees but also this move will cost him as much as full academic year. Similarly, a student who has exceptional academic record and choose to apply to low end institution for admission he will most certainly get admission but not only the college will be a black blot on his overall brilliant academic career as well as will result in huge financial loss.

At Global Student our well trained student counselors will guide you through these confusions. They will review your previous academic record and evaluate your financial condition and then provide you with number of options for you to choose. Our counselors are not only trained but also work very closely with the admission office of the universities and colleges. They are not only familiar with admission requirements but also have a fair idea of students chances of fulfilling them based on their assessment they only recommend universities/colleges that the prospective student has the bright chance to enroll in.

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