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scholarship guidanceOne thing is certain overseas education is expensive and not everyone can afford it but good news is almost all universities and colleges have some sort of scholarships for international students. It is very nerve racking knowing you have exceptional academics and vivid extracurricular track but due to financial constraints can’t afford to have a quality education. Contrary to popular belief that scholarships are offered to local students actually more that 40% of scholarships at any university/college are merit based and are awarded regardless of nationality and race. Now getting the scholarship is quite tricky. Scholarship is a free ride and free rides don’t come easy. For most universities/colleges generally students have to apply for scholarship separately. Scholarship application usually includes number of essays on how you stand out of the crowd, why should the scholarship be awarded to you etc.

Global Student have qualified counselors who will assist you in fulfilling the requirements as well as in completing you scholarship form. Another misunderstanding among international students is applying for scholarship will reduce their chances of admission. Not only does the admission applications and scholarship applications are evaluated separately but also by a separate departments and admission department never discriminate on if you have funding for your education or not.

Contact us now to see if you can fulfill criteria for an overseas scholarship.