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Financial Assistance

financial assistanceNow that you have got admission to a university and either you have been refused scholarship or you are not eligible. The next phase is arranging financials if you have no self-financing means available another option is seeking loan. Getting a loan from a foreign bank is almost impossible so loan has to be obtained from your own country. Education loans widely available with usually very low markup rates.

At Global Student our financial consultant will guide you through the entire procedure, starting from application, to required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of banks. He/she can brief you in simple words about the obligations and liabilities. Throughout the entire process we provide you honest opinion and information, unlike others we don’t paint pretty picture for you by hiding real facts under out sleeve. We will give you complete guidance on Educational Loans & assistance in a quick & easy manner. We have a list of Nationalized Banks offering Loans at reasonable rates & we also have tie-up with well-known Private Banks & Financial Institutions.

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